Sunday, May 9, 2010

I have a blog?!?!

Dang it. I can't lie, I totally forgot about my blog, sorry!
It's been super hectic here and really, I have no earth-shatteringly important new Disney info! let's life since I last blogged..

1. Finals are not enjoyable
2. Packing is even less enjoyable
3. I have all my roommates for Disney now! We are getting a three bedroom (6 girls!) in Chatham :)
4. I have requested my location- Gift shop within a hotel with tons of emphasis on my undying love for the Polynesian!
5. I went alum from my sorority and am currently saying bye to my tx friends b/c..
6. I am moving to california in THREE FREAKING DAYS.
- No, I am not doing the CP in Cali, I just decided one cross country move in a summer would be too easy.

(ps Happy Mother's Day to my mommasita!)

Well, I'll post a better blog later or tomorrow! I just wanted to post real quick to let everyone know I' still kickin :P

-Alyssa ºoº