Friday, February 26, 2010

Weekend "Awww" video.

Someone just posted this on the facebook group page and I'm in love with it!
For my fellow disney freaks that are following, I know it's not factual at all lol but I still get chills :)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Why are you doing the college program?
1) I'm OBSESSED and in love with Disney. 2) I want my career in Disney and this is a great opportunity to get my feet in the door. 3) If for some reason I don't end up with a career in Disney, who wouldn't want a name like Disney on their resume?!

How do you spend free time in FL?
I'm actually not in Florida yet, but I've heard that theres tons to do (on those rare days that I don't want to go in the parks for free)! I know in the Fall 2010 facebook group, we've talked about to doing everything from Karaoke to Universal to Medieval Times to just hanging out at the beach! I'm pretty excited to live in such an eventful place!

Where do you want to work?
I'm going to request to work in a hotel-- My dream location would be the Polynesian Resort! I've become very interested in hospitality lately and I think this could be another networking opportunity!

ask me anything!

-Alyssa ºoº

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

There's a website for this??

Ok, so I love doing this create-your-on outfit stuff and I really thought everyone was doing this the old fashioned way: Paint, google and way too much free time. Turns out, there's a website made specifically for these purposes.

Don't I feel smart.

So, since I discovered this lovely lil site that makes this process about 4893058 times easier...expect more! Haha

Today's outfit, however, is from before I discovered Polyvore, so it's made out of good ol' fashioned boredom and procrastination. Enjoy.
First day in the Parks outfit :)

ps the lil sea foam green thing is a rain coat in a bag...I'm definitely thinking this will be a necessary investment!

-Alyssa ºoº

Sunday, February 21, 2010


-This story has a point, just stick with me-

I've went out of town this weekend with my roommate for her sister's baby shower and it was so much fun- we sang our whole way through the road trip, ate way too much and had a blast! On Saturday night, we stopped at her house on our way back so that our road trip today wouldn't be too long. We ran out and grabbed some Chick-fil-a (our dumb college town doesn't have any) and watched two episodes of 48 Hours while her dad was out playing poker.

If you've never watched 48 Hours, it is crucial to know that it is a show about murder mysteries.

We were exhausted from the drive and the shower so we went in her room and watched TV until we could fall asleep. About five minutes in Chelsea Lately, all the power in her house went off. Every other house in the neighborhood had power.

Point of the story is, never watch 48 Hours before going to bed.

In the few minutes that we sat in pitch dark, all I could think was, "OH MY GOD I'M NOT GOING TO BE ABLE TO GO TO DISNEY WORLD IF I GO NOW." I have great priorities, right? Haha well, it ended up not being a mass murderer, just a electrical short...big difference.

Oh and the point of this blog: My Traditions outfit!

So, i actually already own a dress similar to this, so I think adding a few cheaper, more basic items I'll be able to turn it into an approved outfit for this day! Stay tuned for my official first-day-in-the-parks-fo-free outfit!

-Alyssa ºoº

Thursday, February 18, 2010

lil side note

I got a formspring today! So feel free to send any questions about the CP my way and I'll do my best to answer them and maybe will post them on here!


Ask away :)

-Alyssa ºoº

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Go to Emily's Blog.

Now that I am officially GOING TO DISNEY, I've been obsessing about what I am going to wear for each "event" the first few weeks. So, I've decided to kinda create my dream outfits for each event because a) I'm bored. And procrastinating. b) Emily does this and she's freaking amazing at it. Seriously, she actually puts cute stuff together, not like what I'm about to do haha! c) I have another 190 days to fill with blogs and I have to pass the time somehow.

So, with no further ado... Check In Day!!

Ok, so this day is the day to be comfy but still look Disney-fied since it's the very first day in Disney World! So, I like the idea of Bermuda shorts and the huge bag that of course will have my teddy bear in it (who is purple, not tan by the way). Also, most of the items above are from Old Navy! So maybe with my employee discount I will actually be able to wear this outfit in August :)

Next will be my Traditions outfit!

Thanks again to Emily for this idea! I'm no where near as creative as she is, but this is a really fun way to put some of my current Disney energy to good(ish) use! Maybe now I'll try to focus it on my editing homework...

-Alyssa ºoº

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Iconic Moment!

It's Finally here! The type of picture I've been longing to take for years....

Drum roll please...


Ok, now this is officially everywhere I could possibly post it on the internet! :)
Also- CONGRATS to everyone who got acceptance emails today!! I'm SO excited for y'all!

-Alyssa ºoº

Monday, February 15, 2010

I'm still alive

Sorry for the lack of posts! I've been kinda in my own lil world since my email came last Wednesday :) I definitely was excited about hearing I've been accepted but it didn't really hit me until Sunday evening when i opened my mail box to find a huge white envelope with Mickey Mouse in the top left corner.

I grabbed the envelope and sprinted back to my apartment (luckily the mailboxes aren't far from my room...), opened the door and screamed I GOT MY PURPLE FOLDER! Response from roomie: What's that? ...

Ok, plan b.

Quickly, but carefully as not to rip it, open envelope and squeal. Call parental units WHILE posting this updated everywhere possible on facebook.

Now that I have my folder it all feels real, I finally feel like I'm going to Disney World!! I know that sounds weird- I should've felt this way since Wednesday, but I guess the folder was just subconsciously that iconic deal to me that meant it was all true, that I had actually been accepted!

And because I am being freakishly over obsessively-organized with everything DCP, my folder now looks like this:

I turned it into a binder, with all the pages protected, so that I can easily read everything...without causing any creases or rips :) Now I have the longest wait yet ahead of me: the wait till I'm in Disney! I have 192 days left that I need to find ways to occupy :P Hopefully this summer it'll be with lots of day trips to Disney Land!

Good luck and tonss of pixie dust to everyone who hasn't heard yet! Hope y'all will hear back super soon!
More later!

-Alyssa ºoº

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


So here's my day:

9:40- Text from Dani saying she got in
9:40:06- I am at my computer checking my email
9:45- I pick up my sheets, comforter, blanket and books off the floor that I threw on the floor in my rush.
10:00- I tell my roommate Steph about how some lucky group got emails this morning and how I'm going to have to wait forever more to hear back.
10:05-11- I check my email at five minute intervals. Ok, maybe 2 minute intervals...
11:30- I decide to check my spam folder where I see the subject line...

Disney College Program: Your Invitation

So, of course, the rational reaction to this is to start shaking, cry, and call my mother who is screaming on the other end when I tell her the news. Oh, did I mention all this occurred in my school computer lab that at the moment was completely packed? Fun stuff. I apologized to those around me and even got one of the girls in line for a comp to jump with me...

Anyway. So I had fifteen minutes to run and tell everyone I knew the news before I had class. And luckily, when I got to class we had a sub who let us go after roll. I ran back to the lab to face the people who now think I'm clinically insane and quickly filled out all my registration information...INCLUDING MY NAME TAG INFO!!! It was super exciting. So anyway, its almost 10 hours since I found out and I still don't think it's really hit me that this is actually happening. That I'm really going to be living in Disney World next semester.

I just can't stop thinking about how this is going to change everything for me; that a million doors just opened. I've pretty much always known I want a career with Disney and now that my foot will be in the door, that could actually happen. So yea, to sum it all up..I'm still FREAKING OUT and will be for the next few weeks :)

-Alyssa °o°

Saturday, February 6, 2010


I literally didn't sleep last night because of how freaked out I am by the emails coming out so early/ knowing that I have a whole day left till more emails can be sent. In case you were wondering, the wait for your phone interview is nothing once compared to the wait to hear if you're actually going to Disney.

I know that not too many people have received their emails yet, that I still have 3-5 weeks until I'm actually supposed to hear, and that the fact that these emails have started coming so early is amazing....but I'm still worried. I just want to know! :) I'm trying out this whole "patience" thing, but it's not working out to great.

So, time for Alyssa's-list-of-things-to-distract-yourself-with when-you're-going insane-refreshing-your-email-on-a-Saturday-when-the-recruitment-place-isn't-even open-on-weekends. :) Its a long title, but I feel it fits nicely.

1. Watch John H's videos. ( a bigillion people told me to do this while I was waiting for my phone interview, and I didn't watch them until recently. His videos are hilarious and yet super informative! Plus, there's like 40 episodes or something crazy like that, meaning, you could potentially waste a lot of time here.

2. Go to the Chat room. There are always people in there which is pretty awesome! If we all get in, I've found all my future roomies in there (HELLO DANI, JENNY AND MARIE...none of which have a blog so this is shout out is slightly pointless...). I get on between every class and almost every night! You can always get questions answered immediately or just get to know the people we may be working and living with very soon!

3. Disney Movie Marathon. This has been a fun one, except for the fact that I only individually own 2 Disney movies. But, you can always mooch off of others movie collections or redbox it :) Just another Disneyfied way to waste an hr and a half or so! Plus, who doesn't love trying to find all the hidden mickeys?

4. Clean your room? I did this today when I learned that emails wouldn't be sent on the weekends. Kinda not fun at all but my room went from

exhibit A:

to exhibit B:

(ok actually this is my bed when I first moved in so not quite this clean...)

...but you get the point, I passed a TON of time doing that :)

More later! Good luck to everyone else still waiting for their emails!

-Alyssa ºoº

Friday, February 5, 2010


The acceptance emails have began!!!

So here's what I have open on my comp right now:
-Meebo Chat
-Facebook Homepage
-Facebook Group page

I'd say I'm well connected right now. So, there were about three of us in the chat room when I decided to multitask and check the facebook page. and that's when I saw Abby's post... "OH MY GOD WHAT IS THIS I AM IN???". and so it began. The chat room now has more people in it than I've ever seen and soo many people are getting accepted! I'm FLIPPING OUT! The latest interview date any of the accepted members have so far is the day before mine, so I'm hoping to hear my status soon! Well, I have to go back to refreshing my email, but a quick update was necessary :) Good luck and/or CONGRATS to everyone!

-Alyssa ºoº

Monday, February 1, 2010

the waiting game.

Application- check.
Web Based Interview- check.
Phone Interview- check.
Waiting 4-6 weeks- umm, what??

So at this point in the application process all I can do is sit and wait. AHHH. It hasn't even been a week and I'm GOING INSANE. It's the only thing on my mind 24/7 and I haven't decided if it's a pro or a con. Let's weigh the sides, shall we?

Pros- I'm super happy all the time, I have more energy than I ever have, I keep telling random people to "Have a magical day!", I've conquered the Disney point, my backpack is now sporting a plush Mickey key chain, and I've already made tonsss of friends in the chat room that I'm in every moment I can be!

Cons- I had a nightmare I got kicked out because in my excitement I forgot to actually pack, Ryan says I'm a "paranoid turkey" (not sure what this means yet), and my friends who I don't have to get on the Internet to talk to have come close to filing a missing person report on me...several times...because I'm always in the computer lab!

I'm thinking pros outweigh cons :) Especially now that my roommates know where to look for me! So, for the next 4-6ish weeks expect lots of random posts as I try to pass this awfully long period of time!

Have a magical day!

-Alyssa ºoº