Saturday, February 6, 2010


I literally didn't sleep last night because of how freaked out I am by the emails coming out so early/ knowing that I have a whole day left till more emails can be sent. In case you were wondering, the wait for your phone interview is nothing once compared to the wait to hear if you're actually going to Disney.

I know that not too many people have received their emails yet, that I still have 3-5 weeks until I'm actually supposed to hear, and that the fact that these emails have started coming so early is amazing....but I'm still worried. I just want to know! :) I'm trying out this whole "patience" thing, but it's not working out to great.

So, time for Alyssa's-list-of-things-to-distract-yourself-with when-you're-going insane-refreshing-your-email-on-a-Saturday-when-the-recruitment-place-isn't-even open-on-weekends. :) Its a long title, but I feel it fits nicely.

1. Watch John H's videos. ( a bigillion people told me to do this while I was waiting for my phone interview, and I didn't watch them until recently. His videos are hilarious and yet super informative! Plus, there's like 40 episodes or something crazy like that, meaning, you could potentially waste a lot of time here.

2. Go to the Chat room. There are always people in there which is pretty awesome! If we all get in, I've found all my future roomies in there (HELLO DANI, JENNY AND MARIE...none of which have a blog so this is shout out is slightly pointless...). I get on between every class and almost every night! You can always get questions answered immediately or just get to know the people we may be working and living with very soon!

3. Disney Movie Marathon. This has been a fun one, except for the fact that I only individually own 2 Disney movies. But, you can always mooch off of others movie collections or redbox it :) Just another Disneyfied way to waste an hr and a half or so! Plus, who doesn't love trying to find all the hidden mickeys?

4. Clean your room? I did this today when I learned that emails wouldn't be sent on the weekends. Kinda not fun at all but my room went from

exhibit A:

to exhibit B:

(ok actually this is my bed when I first moved in so not quite this clean...)

...but you get the point, I passed a TON of time doing that :)

More later! Good luck to everyone else still waiting for their emails!

-Alyssa ºoº

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