Wednesday, February 10, 2010


So here's my day:

9:40- Text from Dani saying she got in
9:40:06- I am at my computer checking my email
9:45- I pick up my sheets, comforter, blanket and books off the floor that I threw on the floor in my rush.
10:00- I tell my roommate Steph about how some lucky group got emails this morning and how I'm going to have to wait forever more to hear back.
10:05-11- I check my email at five minute intervals. Ok, maybe 2 minute intervals...
11:30- I decide to check my spam folder where I see the subject line...

Disney College Program: Your Invitation

So, of course, the rational reaction to this is to start shaking, cry, and call my mother who is screaming on the other end when I tell her the news. Oh, did I mention all this occurred in my school computer lab that at the moment was completely packed? Fun stuff. I apologized to those around me and even got one of the girls in line for a comp to jump with me...

Anyway. So I had fifteen minutes to run and tell everyone I knew the news before I had class. And luckily, when I got to class we had a sub who let us go after roll. I ran back to the lab to face the people who now think I'm clinically insane and quickly filled out all my registration information...INCLUDING MY NAME TAG INFO!!! It was super exciting. So anyway, its almost 10 hours since I found out and I still don't think it's really hit me that this is actually happening. That I'm really going to be living in Disney World next semester.

I just can't stop thinking about how this is going to change everything for me; that a million doors just opened. I've pretty much always known I want a career with Disney and now that my foot will be in the door, that could actually happen. So yea, to sum it all up..I'm still FREAKING OUT and will be for the next few weeks :)

-Alyssa °o°


  1. YAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY, WOOOOOO HOOOOOO, YIPEEEEEEE, you did it, you did it, you did it!!! So happy for you that my heart is bursting!

  2. Congratulations Hopefully i can get in and we can see each other there =) yayyyy am so happy for you again congrats.