Sunday, February 21, 2010


-This story has a point, just stick with me-

I've went out of town this weekend with my roommate for her sister's baby shower and it was so much fun- we sang our whole way through the road trip, ate way too much and had a blast! On Saturday night, we stopped at her house on our way back so that our road trip today wouldn't be too long. We ran out and grabbed some Chick-fil-a (our dumb college town doesn't have any) and watched two episodes of 48 Hours while her dad was out playing poker.

If you've never watched 48 Hours, it is crucial to know that it is a show about murder mysteries.

We were exhausted from the drive and the shower so we went in her room and watched TV until we could fall asleep. About five minutes in Chelsea Lately, all the power in her house went off. Every other house in the neighborhood had power.

Point of the story is, never watch 48 Hours before going to bed.

In the few minutes that we sat in pitch dark, all I could think was, "OH MY GOD I'M NOT GOING TO BE ABLE TO GO TO DISNEY WORLD IF I GO NOW." I have great priorities, right? Haha well, it ended up not being a mass murderer, just a electrical short...big difference.

Oh and the point of this blog: My Traditions outfit!

So, i actually already own a dress similar to this, so I think adding a few cheaper, more basic items I'll be able to turn it into an approved outfit for this day! Stay tuned for my official first-day-in-the-parks-fo-free outfit!

-Alyssa ºoº

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  1. You thought you were going to die and your first thought was that you weren't going to get to go be a part of the CP program???? Your past didn't flash before your eyes but your future did?? That is a riot!