Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I leave SO soon!

I'm leaving in... less then two days! So right now things are kind of insane with doing last-minute everything and I'm really not sure if I'll have a chance to update this blog between now and probably after I'm settled in on Wednesday, so I decided to leave a list of what I'll be doing on each day until I'm finally an official cast member at the Disney World Resort!

-Obsessively go through everything I've packed and everything I've left behind to make sure I'm not leaving anything massively important.
-Run about 432895 errands. And by that, I mean about 3.
-Pack my carry-on, obsess over that as well

-Say goodbye to my sisters :(
-Get into plane
-Crash at hotel because I'm probably emotionally drained due to sadness/overwhelming excitement

- Go to the park with my parents! I'm so excited to spend the day with them :)
- Polynesian for food and fireworks!

-Get freakishly excited for Monday
-Walmart run to get bedding/ other necessities
-Pre-check in dinner!!

-Find out my location!!!
-Register for classes!!
-lots of other stuff involving paperwork and such
-set up my apt :)
-housing meeting?

-housing meeting?
-Spend the day with my parents :)

-Parents leave :(

I'll try to update before Wednesday, but if I can't get to it... all of the above is why!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I did it.. I packed!

Yes that's right ladies and gentlemen, I fit a semester of life into three suitcases! Not four..three! So, now that it's all officially zipped up I have my completed packing list for yall!

Casual Clothes
2 zip up, lightweight sweaters
5 Tshirts
2 denim shorts
1 khaki shorts
1 bermuda shorts
1 denim capris
4 summer dresses
9 casual tops
3 casual tanks
3 cardigans
Clothes for the couple days it'll be cold-ish
2 pairs of jeans
2 hoodies
1 lightweight coat
Disney Look clothes
1 black pencil skirt
1 khaki slacks
1 brown slacks
1 black slacks
1 dress
7 tops
Florida Essentials
2 beach towels
3 sunglasses
1 sunscreen
3 bathing suits
2 cover ups
1 rain coat
omg, Shoes
1 rain boots
4 "Disney Look" flats
1 athletic shoes
2 tennis shoes
5 sandals
1 wedges (for formal dress)
Apartment Stufff
1 blanket
1 bath rug
1 soap dispenser
1 toothbrush holder
1 soap dish
1 cup
1 deck of cards
"Other" Clothes
3 pj pants
2 athletic shorts
3 athletic pants
4 bandos
5 layering tanks
16 socks
Hair Dryer
Ponytail Holders
Bobby pins
5 headbands
2 scarves
3 cross-body bags
2 backpacks
lots of bras/ underwear.. you don't need exacts on those
Cell Phone
Chargers for all!
Ethernet cord

And ALL of that fit into these!

I'm so proud. And relieved that it's finally over with! Now just three more days until I land in FLORIDA :)


Sunday, August 1, 2010

omg it's August.

Usually when August first comes around I get giddy because it's my birthday month. Today, however, I'm ECSTATIC because it's finally the month that I WILL BE GOING TO DISNEY WORLD!!! I actually kinda forgot about my birthday until I ran up to my twin sister and yelled "It's AUGUST! DO you realize what this means??"

her response: "Yea! We're turning 20?"
...Oh..yea, that too...but more focused on the whole DISNEY FREAKING WORLD thing.

Now that I have only fiiiivvveee glorious days before I fly to Orlando, I actually have gotten some packing done. By some I mean about a suitcase and a half :) One thing to say about packing for a semester: SPACE BAGS! amazing lil things have been quite useful during the process of squeezing my life into suitcases!
The problem I'm having while packing though is trying not to bring all of my clothes. Everyone in my family keeps telling me that I really don't need to bring much since I'm basically going to be living in my costume or Disney look but I can't bear the thought of only having two weeks worth or outfits that I re-wear every time I'm not working. I know, they're all right and four suitcases is super unnecessary, but oh well. I think the limited space is going to eventually force me to weed through my clothes again! Well I'm going back to packing, or trying to avoid it.. but when I have a completed packed list ready I'll post it on here!