Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I did it.. I packed!

Yes that's right ladies and gentlemen, I fit a semester of life into three suitcases! Not four..three! So, now that it's all officially zipped up I have my completed packing list for yall!

Casual Clothes
2 zip up, lightweight sweaters
5 Tshirts
2 denim shorts
1 khaki shorts
1 bermuda shorts
1 denim capris
4 summer dresses
9 casual tops
3 casual tanks
3 cardigans
Clothes for the couple days it'll be cold-ish
2 pairs of jeans
2 hoodies
1 lightweight coat
Disney Look clothes
1 black pencil skirt
1 khaki slacks
1 brown slacks
1 black slacks
1 dress
7 tops
Florida Essentials
2 beach towels
3 sunglasses
1 sunscreen
3 bathing suits
2 cover ups
1 rain coat
omg, Shoes
1 rain boots
4 "Disney Look" flats
1 athletic shoes
2 tennis shoes
5 sandals
1 wedges (for formal dress)
Apartment Stufff
1 blanket
1 bath rug
1 soap dispenser
1 toothbrush holder
1 soap dish
1 cup
1 deck of cards
"Other" Clothes
3 pj pants
2 athletic shorts
3 athletic pants
4 bandos
5 layering tanks
16 socks
Hair Dryer
Ponytail Holders
Bobby pins
5 headbands
2 scarves
3 cross-body bags
2 backpacks
lots of bras/ underwear.. you don't need exacts on those
Cell Phone
Chargers for all!
Ethernet cord

And ALL of that fit into these!

I'm so proud. And relieved that it's finally over with! Now just three more days until I land in FLORIDA :)



  1. Congrats!!! 3 bags and all of that stuff?? pretty good girl.

    3 more days and I expect more updates on this blog now this adventure is finally underway!!!

    Have fun, we can't wait to watch this life changing experience. Journal everything, and take it all in....it will be over before you know it:)

    We will be checking in on your regularly!!

  2. You may need to buy more sunscreen lol. Idk if one bottle is going to last long seeing you are in FL. Yay FL!
    Course if the weather is like it is up here in the Panhandle you may need to carry an umbrella with you every day too. It will be really sunny bright one hour but the next hour its rainy.....but you drive a few miles and its not raining. Lol.