Friday, February 5, 2010


The acceptance emails have began!!!

So here's what I have open on my comp right now:
-Meebo Chat
-Facebook Homepage
-Facebook Group page

I'd say I'm well connected right now. So, there were about three of us in the chat room when I decided to multitask and check the facebook page. and that's when I saw Abby's post... "OH MY GOD WHAT IS THIS I AM IN???". and so it began. The chat room now has more people in it than I've ever seen and soo many people are getting accepted! I'm FLIPPING OUT! The latest interview date any of the accepted members have so far is the day before mine, so I'm hoping to hear my status soon! Well, I have to go back to refreshing my email, but a quick update was necessary :) Good luck and/or CONGRATS to everyone!

-Alyssa ºoº


  1. :D YAY!

    I'm sending you acceptance pixie dust btw ;)

  2. Your good news will come I just know it!! Mickey wouldn't miss a chance to have you working for him....he knows how much you love this program.