Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Why are you doing the college program?
1) I'm OBSESSED and in love with Disney. 2) I want my career in Disney and this is a great opportunity to get my feet in the door. 3) If for some reason I don't end up with a career in Disney, who wouldn't want a name like Disney on their resume?!

How do you spend free time in FL?
I'm actually not in Florida yet, but I've heard that theres tons to do (on those rare days that I don't want to go in the parks for free)! I know in the Fall 2010 facebook group, we've talked about to doing everything from Karaoke to Universal to Medieval Times to just hanging out at the beach! I'm pretty excited to live in such an eventful place!

Where do you want to work?
I'm going to request to work in a hotel-- My dream location would be the Polynesian Resort! I've become very interested in hospitality lately and I think this could be another networking opportunity!

ask me anything!

-Alyssa ºoº

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