Monday, February 15, 2010

I'm still alive

Sorry for the lack of posts! I've been kinda in my own lil world since my email came last Wednesday :) I definitely was excited about hearing I've been accepted but it didn't really hit me until Sunday evening when i opened my mail box to find a huge white envelope with Mickey Mouse in the top left corner.

I grabbed the envelope and sprinted back to my apartment (luckily the mailboxes aren't far from my room...), opened the door and screamed I GOT MY PURPLE FOLDER! Response from roomie: What's that? ...

Ok, plan b.

Quickly, but carefully as not to rip it, open envelope and squeal. Call parental units WHILE posting this updated everywhere possible on facebook.

Now that I have my folder it all feels real, I finally feel like I'm going to Disney World!! I know that sounds weird- I should've felt this way since Wednesday, but I guess the folder was just subconsciously that iconic deal to me that meant it was all true, that I had actually been accepted!

And because I am being freakishly over obsessively-organized with everything DCP, my folder now looks like this:

I turned it into a binder, with all the pages protected, so that I can easily read everything...without causing any creases or rips :) Now I have the longest wait yet ahead of me: the wait till I'm in Disney! I have 192 days left that I need to find ways to occupy :P Hopefully this summer it'll be with lots of day trips to Disney Land!

Good luck and tonss of pixie dust to everyone who hasn't heard yet! Hope y'all will hear back super soon!
More later!

-Alyssa ºoº


  1. That's a really good idea! The binder thing!! That way you can put all your other disney paperwork in there so it doesn't get lost!!

    I may have to do that as well!

  2. haha thanks! yea It's all the paper work im going to have to fill out and all the internet pages printed and highlighted...I'm a nerd. :)