Sunday, March 7, 2010

154 days.

While I was waiting for applications to go up, applying, interviewing and even waiting to hear back, time seemed to fly by. There was so much to do and focus on that I was able to pass the time, even if I was freaking out during that last little portion.

Now, however, there's nothing but waiting left and the days are creeping by slower than I thought possible. I know it's only going to get worse as others (fall advantage'ers) start getting there and I still have three months left! ah!

154 days left. AKA FOREVER

Anyway, I'm not going to be posting much this week as midterms are killing me, but I'll def update yall once I'm in CALIFORNIA for spring break :) I'm trying to get a group of SoCal Fall DCPers to meet for a disneyland day while I'm there- so if you're interested, lemme know! I'll def be posting pics of that!

For now I leave you with my modern day take on sleeping beauty (yes, this is my disney way of passing time now!)
sleeping beauty

-Alyssa ºoº

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