Thursday, January 14, 2010

Back in Tejas

It's true. I'm back in Texas and somewhat depressed about it, but I'll be back in California in less than two months, and then I'll be moving out there in May! I really do need this semester to say bye to my amazing friends here though, so I'm glad I chose to stay.

I feel like I keep focusing on the future instead of the now, but with California and possibly Florida in the next year I'm a lil too excited to focus on my tiny town southern town! The applications for the college program are rumored to go up in (drum roll, please...)


That's right, less than a week!! ok so this is JUST a rumor and I'm trying to tell myself they'll actually be going up much later so that I'm not mucho disappointed when they're not there....but that's just not working out very well.

As you can see, trying to figure out which textbooks I'm going to need for my upcoming classes just isn't the biggest excitement in my life at the moment haha! Well, sorry this blog is so short but I actually have to get those textbooks if I want to actually do well in Spanish this semester :P

-Alyssa ºoº

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