Friday, January 8, 2010

Choosing a Role

So when I apply for the program around February, I'm supposed to have my top three roles chosen. And although I still have almost a month to think about it... I've got my list ready :)

Disney offers tonssss of roles for students so narrowing it down to three was kinda tough, but I've definitely picked the three that suit me best, and hopefully will tie into what I want to do in the future! So, with no further ado, my picks and reasons for them:

1. Concierge- best scenario, for the Polynesian Resort :) This is my number one pick! I want to join Disney's event planning team one day and I think this would be an awesome opportunity to gain some valuable hospitality experience with the company. With this role, I'd be working in a fast paced environment and will be able to have face-to-face guest interaction, which is very important to me. Plus, after six years of journalism classes, I know I've got deadlines down :P I also think this would be a fun role because while of course magic is expected in the parks, you get the opportunity to bring guests magical moments when they're at "home" and not expecting it :) I know from my stays at Disney and my experiences on the concierge level, this could potentially be a very rewarding experience as well as a learning one.

2. Hospitality- best scenario, the front desk. A lot of my reasons for this position are the same! I've heard from past CPers that this is a great position and that they learned so much with all the different jobs within the role, which is very cool.

3. Merch- Merchandise would be a very fun role because you're getting great guest interaction all day long! I'd always be surrounded by people (and Disney stuff!) and being able to help someone find the perfect souvenir would be very cool! Also, considering I work in the merchandise industry right now, I know it's a concept I can grasp :P

I really am hoping for my first pick, but I can't imagine how competitive it is for specific roles, so if I get in, I'm not sure which role I would end up with! For now I guess I should just keep focusing on the goal of becoming a cast member! :D

-Alyssa ºoº

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  1. Whatever position you get you will be AWESOME doing. I think you will be amazing at making so many dreams come true for so many kiddos...especially for those enjoying their first magical experience at Disney. Can't wait to see what you get:)