Wednesday, January 27, 2010

interview tips :)

Ok- so even though I only have like 5 followers right now, I'm hoping this will help someone out someday! drum roll please... Alyssa's Interview Tips for the Disney College Program!

1. Research Start researching as soon as you can! That way, if you have a quick turn around for your interview, you will still have an opportunity to be as prepared as you can be! I simply went to google and typed "Disney College Program Interview" in the search'll get about 4839257 results for different discussion boards! From here, you can get insight to the specific role questions, as well as to great ideas for how to handle the different hypothetical situations they'll ask you about

2. Prepare your answers if you know some of the basic questions, you can write a brief version of what your answer will be so that when you are in the interview, freaking out, sweating and can feel your heart beating, you won't forget anything too important because you've already wrote it out once before!
- Note: I suggest you don't read off your notes during the interview, it may come off a lil robotish.

3. Study Read your notes over and over, as well as all the information from the WDW college program sight! The more you know, the better you'll do in your interview! Plus, there won't be any panic moments of not knowing what to say while your on the phone!

4. Don't Panic...excessively. Ok, this one is slightly impossible but I guess necessary lol! I was totally panicking before my interview! Basically, just sit in a quiet place as you wait, maybe playing a game on the computer or something to ease your mind. I know that if I had paced around my room and stressed, I would've sounded like a wreck as soon as I answered!

5. Be confident and SMILE This is pretty obvious, and don't worry, you won't be able to stop smiling once you answer the phone!

Like I said before, this post is a lil useless now bc a) i have a total of 5 followers, which includes my mom (HI MOM) b)Any of my current followers who are actually interested in the CP have already interviewed and c) I just interviewed so we won't actually know the results of my "helpful tips" for another 4-6 weeks! Haha but hopefully this will appear on someones google results when they are researching the college program themselves one day!

-Alyssa ºoº

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