Sunday, January 24, 2010

So close yet so far

My interview is officially in TWO DAYS (it's 12:02 here, so yes, it's Monday!) and I'm definitely getting nervous!

Every moment of my spare time this weekend I've been researching the program, possible interview questions and duties that come with the roles I want! I have about ten front and back pages of notes all tucked in my high school musical folder that hasn't left my sight since Friday.

Between classes? Reading my notes. 10pm-2 am? Reading my notes. Fifteen minute break at work? Reading my notes. Basically, you get my point- I'm obsessed.

I kinda feel like I have to be overly-prepared though since I'm going for concierge or hospitality and I'm not a hospitality major. Basically, I want them to see how passionate I really am about their hospitality program and that even though I'm a mass communications major, I know the basics and have practiced them. This isn't to say that if I got merchandise instead I would be crushed; No, I would still be psyched to be IN the college program!

I've been in SUCH a great mood though lately because of this whole process, I don't know why but I just get giddy every time I think about the possibility of what is to come in the next year! And luckily, some past CPer's and even some going through right now have helped me soo much (shout out to Crissa here- thanks again girl!)that I'm actually feeling pretty prepared for what's to come Wednesday morning--or at least as prepared as I can be at this point! Today's just a short post- a LONG one will be coming on Wednesday don't you worry! Lol

-Alyssa ºoº


  1. You can never be too prepared!! Good luck, I know you will do great. I can't wait to hear how you feel after your interview!

    Sending you good thoughts and vibes, and just be yourself and they will fall in love with you:)

  2. SOOOOO excited for you! Can't wait to hear every single detail.