Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I just had my phone interview with my recruiter, Rhonda, and it went amazingly well!! The absolute worst part of this whole process so far was waiting for my phone to ring! I kept going over answers in my head, repeating key phrases and of course staring at my phone! Rhonda call at exactly 10:30 which was awesome because I'm not sure my heart could have handled the anticipation any longer.

Pretty much how it began:
(Ring Ri-)
Me: Hello! This is Alyssa Speaking! :D
Rhonda: Hi Alyssa, this is Rhonda from the Disney College Program, I would usually ask to make sure you were expecting my call, but I'd say you definitely were!

I couldn't stop smiling the whole time which I hope helps my chances, and I'm soo glad I got to include all the points I've been studying so hard! I didn't get any questions that I hadn't already read, most of them being pretty basic.

All the simple, have-to-ask-to-make-sure-you're-eligible questions
How do you feel about living with new roommates?
How would you handle a problem within your apartment?
Why do you want to work at Disney?
What is your favorite part of Disney?
Why hospitality and concierge?
What do you think the differences are between these?
How about the duties that come with them?
What is a way you've handled a difficult situation in your past work experience?
What is/was your favorite job and why?

And lots more! I can't remember them all because well, at the moment there are about a thousand Mickey Mouses dancing in my head :) She made a lot of comments about how she could tell that I knew what I was talking about too, which made me feel a lot better! The interview lasted a little over 15 minutes, and right before she hung up I said thank you, have a magical day! to which she laughed and said nicely done :) Basically, I'm super excited!
My tips for the phone interview will come later-- I have to go to class now!

Have a magical day :)
-Alyssa ºoº

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  1. I TOLD you that you would do great!!!

    I am super excited for you.....congrats.