Saturday, January 9, 2010

Dolphins sleep in a semi-alert state.

1. I just learned that dolphins only let half of their brain sleep at a time so that they can always be alert

2. Remember when you were little, and couldn't fall asleep on Christmas Eve? You just sat in bed staring at the ceiling imagining what the next morning would bring and it was almost too exciting to bear. Then you realized that at any moment the big guy would be coming, and you had to be asleep so you tried to focus on boring things like broccoli for the next half hour just to bore yourself to bed. And there was always that slightly irritated, yet quite rational, part of your little being that said if the jolly man would only speed up his dang route you could sneak down there early and see the gifts. That last part may have only been me.

point being:

That was me alllll day today.

I have a little less than a month until applications go up yet I feel like it's the only thing I can think about! I've been checking the DCP website everyday hopeful that apps will go up ridiculously early (I'm a cool kid, I know...) and now I'm starting to think that maybe if I'm not obsessive over it, they'll go up. Or that maybe I'm insane. Either, or.

Also, I'm going to Disneyland again tomorrow and I'm SUPER pumped!! I only have three days left in California :( before I have to head back to Texas, so this will be a great way to end my winter break! Get ready for some pics of one of the happiest places on earth :)

-Alyssa ºoº

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