Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Traumatic Experience.

Applications officially went up today!!! I was walking back from class when I decided to make a quick stop in the computer lab to check the dcp site for about the billionth time. First, I checked the facebook group to see if there were an earth-shattering posts, and there weren't so then I decided to play the "refresh game" with the dcp site again, only to find the application and E presentation were up!!!

Sooo I proceeded to sit for about 45 minutes and watch the video, answer all sorts of questions about myself, and take the web interview.

This is were all went wrong.

I'm taking the web interview, and when I click to submit one of the million answers, the next screen reads, "URL ERROR. The URL you were looking for does not exist. Please make sure it has been entered correctly." Just as I finished reading the box that almost killed me, the page refreshed and sent me to the beginning of the web interview. I put the code back into the page to begin the interview once more and another dreaded gray box pops up-- "The ten digit code you have entered has already been used to complete this survey. Thanks for your participation. If you feel this is a technological error, please call Gallup."

oy. I call Gallup, who tells me that yes, their files show I have completed the interview, and yes, they can see I'm now stuck, and no, there's nothing they can do about it. Three drafts of notes later, I'm sending Disney Tech Support a nice letter thoroughly explaining the problem and asking nicely for help. Three minutes later, I find out through an automatic response, they're closed.

All in all, I'm trying to remain positive, and am trying to wait patiently for whatever email I get tomorrow. I'm starting to worry that I may have not passed the interview, but I'm praying it was just a glitch in the system!!! Also, congrats to everyone who gets to schedule their second interview tomorrow- I'm so excited for y'all! I really, really hope I'm in your position soon!

-Alyssa ºoº

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  1. holy cannoli!! Hope you hear something soon, and get it all taken care of quickly. They would be blessed to have you on their team!!!