Thursday, January 7, 2010

First Post :)

Ok so my friend Megan just made me this amazing blog page so I could document my journey with the Disney College Program, so first thing- Thanks Megan!!!

Now- the Disney stuff :)

So for those of you who don't know, the Disney College Program is a paid internship offered at both Disney World and Disneyland. Students have the opportunity to work at the parks for a full semester while living on the property! Basically, my dream come true. I discovered the program when I was a sophomore in high school after a waiter mentioned it while we were visiting the park, and I've been obsessed with the idea since then. Every time applications have gone up I've watched the students have the time of their lives through youtube videos, blogs, and pictures posted on the facebook groups.And now it's MY TIME!
I'm now a sophomore in college and things have just lined up for me. I've been planning on transferring schools next year so now I'm realizing this would be a great transition. The applications don't go up till February (although they're rumored to go up January 20th), and now I'm just dying to apply!
There's already about 150 hopeful members in the Fall 2010 facebook group which is awesome, because I already know if I get in I'm going to be making some amazing friends!Really though, I am mainly excited by the opportunity to work at Disney. It's a company my family is obsessed with and one I hope I will have a career in one day. The Disney corporation has provided me with soo many amazing memories, and I now want to be the person making magical memories happen.
So this will be the place I'm going to be keeping track of everything to do with my experience from the anticipation of the application till im hopefully in the program! Thanks for following along :)

-Alyssa ºoº

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