Thursday, January 21, 2010

My stomach won't stop aching!!

It is officially noon, and still no response from Disney.

To say the very least, I am freaking out.

I got online this morning, and the only email I had was from Disney Corp (not from tech support like I need) just saying that they have received my application and thanks for submitting it.

What does this mean? Well the obvious would be it was an automatic email they sent this morning to anyone who sent in an application, but of course, my paranoid mind went elsewhere in my current panic-mode. At 9a.m., I took this to mean "Thanks for submitting your application, too bad you didn't make it."

I'm seriously starting to believe I may not have passed the web interview, which is why the site won't accept my code for the interview anymore. I mean, if I didn't pass, I'll just apply for the program again whenever the next batch of applications come out- I'm not just going to give up. I just wish I understood HOW you fail the web interview. I answered the questions honestly, strongly and confidently but I realize there's always room for improvement.

For now I'm checking my email about every 5 minutes and thinking about how long it will be till spring 2011 apps go up lol-- I'll get there someday :)

-Alyssa ºoº


  1. is there no one to call?? There has to be something that can done!!!

  2. nope :/ Someone from the facebook group gave me the number that you get when you're supposed to be setting up you're phone interview, so if I have no response by tomorrow I'll call them.

  3. we should have been freaking out together!!

    did you get anywhere this afternoon? any e-mail or phone progress?

  4. im about to post an update blog about it, but yes a verrryyy good phone call just came :D